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Mother Earth

Tipi lesson


There are a variety of interpretations for Mother Earth. In this lesson I will share with you what I have learned from a friend about her knowledge of Mother Earth. The representation of the Tipi is what I will share with you.

Mother Earth – Okawimaw askiy

Tipi is Mother Earth’s dress – oskotakey

Tipi poles  are Mother Earth’s children – Otawasima

Tipi pegs are Mother Earth’s grandchildren – Osima

Tipi ground pegs are Mother Earth’s great-grandchildren – Ohcapana

The door of the tipi is the womb –matahk

Representations of the flaps at the top of the tipi:

Open flaps mean it is day time – ekisikak

Closed flaps mean it is night time – etipiskak

The basic Cree terminology is what I learned from my friend but there is also a lengthy story. Proper protocol must be used to obtain the information regarding the story.


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