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Numbers to 10

Lesson on Ahkichikewina

In this lesson you will learn to count to ten in Cree. I find that counting to ten on a daily basis during circle time helps the children learn the numbers faster.

Using your fingers is the best way to learn the numbers to ten in Cree. Using manipulatives is also a good exercise in learning the numbers in Cree.

One 1 – peyak

Two 2 – niso

Three 3 – nisto

Four 4 – newo

Five 5 – niyanan

Six 6 – nikotwasik

Seven 7 – tepahkohp

Eight 8 – ayinanew

Nine 9 – kekamitataht

Ten 10 – Mitataht

Ekwa – and                      Mina-also                        Ekota isko nitakichikan – I can count up to there

Extended exercise can be Brian MacDonald’s counting song;

Peyak, niso. nisto, newo, niyanan, nikotwasik ekwa tepahkohp, ayinanew, kekamitataht mina mitataht ekota isko nitakichikan( repeat again)


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