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In this lesson you will learn simple phrases and simple commands.

Responses may vary in these simple phrases:

Hello – Waciye

When you are greeting in Cree the proper response would be to say “waciye” back to the person and also to shake their hand as well.


How are you? – Tanisi kiya

When you are asked about your well being the proper response would be to say “namoya nanitaw” if you are doing fine or “kewey” doing ok. Also it is proper protocol to ask the other person about their well being “Kiya maka”-what about you?


Who are you? – Awina kiya

Only older people ask about you, you respond by saying “niya________” you explain where you come from but you do not ask them who they are as it is inappropriate.


Where are you from? – Tanite ohci kiya

I am from Bear Hills – Maskwacisihk ohci niya


Where are you going? – Tanite ewi tohteyin

I am going into town – Otenahk ewi tohteyan


Simple commands you will learn:

When you have visitors arrive at your home.        Welcome come in, there is room – Tatawaw pihtakwe

Usually used when children are misbehaving        Go away – awas

Used when you call to someone                             Come over here – astam otey

Used when you want someone to sit down, usually children             Sit down here  – apih ota

Used when you want someone to stand, usually children                  Stand up – nipawih

Used when you want someone to get up, usually children                 Get up – pasikoh


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